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Vegas - Όταν με φιλάς | Otan me filas'

· music video,dance,actress,vegas the band

Lewshá -Camille, actress in "Otan me filas," the official music video for Vegas, the band

Thank you Jack's Lounge & Bauer Merza for the Hospitality.

Music: Claydee Lupa. Timothée Aeby

Lyrics: Sofia Papavasileiou , Zeraw

Director : Sherif Fransis

Art Director : Kostantinos Kasidiaris

Editing : Fresqo Films

Hair Style : Kostantinos Papadopoulos

Styling : Filitsa Nikolaidi

Vegas Outfits : Ioannis Roumeliotis

Make up : Ili Mavroidakou

Extra Make up : Sofia Drakopoulou , Marieta Xiseni , Aggeliki Xaxali

Dop : Max Papadopoulos

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